FIFA 19 Wishlist that Fans may Want to See Next Year

For fans of football video games, EA’s FIFA 18 has just been released, and much of footprints leave behind to take a queue about what fans can expect out of the upcoming FIFA 19. Now that 2017 is nearing to an end, it is time to anticipate upcoming installments that are set for 2018 release. So taking a good opportunity of this situation, here, we have come up to predict what new may add in next year’s entry. Here are some of the FIFA 19 wishlist.

FIFA 19 Wishlist

FIFA 19 Wishlist

FIFA 19 Wishlists: What Fans Would Love?

Can we have improvement in Women’s Football?

With FIFA 16, EA introduced the women’s team which was widely praised by FIFA fans. To add the cherry on the cake, some critics also went on to say that the female football team was even better than the traditional gameplay played over the past years. EA has come up with a slow and steady progress which by far was liked by each fan. But now is the time for the developers to take a huge leap by making the team even better than what fans have witnessed over the past few years. We expect to see an improvised team of women which tops our FIFA 19 wishlists.

Expect Increased Customization

Customization in women’s football is not our subject here. Instead, we are talking about the entire customization of the game. FIFA still has ways to improve the game, and with that, there is room for improving the gameplay. Talking about FIFA 19, we expect the player creator to be excellent in the new game which can mark a great deal of satisfaction in the game. One such being expanding the creation suite to teams, isn’t it?

More Emotion on the Pitch

After a goal, every player shows a particular emotion, otherwise the new entry FIFA 18 run around the pitch emotionless. While this is admittedly a very small detail, we believe that smaller details can create excellent gameplay.

The Final Words

Now is the crucial stage where FIFA 19 is still in the realm of wishful thinking and therefore expecting all possibilities of FIFA 19 wishlists is now, at this point of time, is a difficult task admittedly. But if we look back to the last two installments, FIFA 19 is expected to come with a grand improvement. Until any confirmation, keep the comment section busy (if you have any of your own FIFA 19 wishlist features).