FIFA 19 Wishlist that Fans may Want to See Next Year

For fans of football video games, EA’s FIFA 18 has just been released, and much of footprints leave behind to take a queue about what fans can expect out of the upcoming FIFA 19. Now that 2017 is nearing to an end, it is time to anticipate upcoming installments that are set for 2018 release. So taking a good opportunity of this situation, here, we have come up to predict what new may add in next year’s entry. Here are some of the FIFA 19 wishlist.

FIFA 19 Wishlist

FIFA 19 Wishlist

FIFA 19 Wishlists: What Fans Would Love?

Can we have improvement in Women’s Football?

With FIFA 16, EA introduced the women’s team which was widely praised by FIFA fans. To add the cherry on the cake, some critics also went on to say that the female football team was even better than the traditional gameplay played over the past years. EA has come up with a slow and steady progress which by far was liked by each fan. But now is the time for the developers to take a huge leap by making the team even better than what fans have witnessed over the past few years. We expect to see an improvised team of women which tops our FIFA 19 wishlists.

Expect Increased Customization

Customization in women’s football is not our subject here. Instead, we are talking about the entire customization of the game. FIFA still has ways to improve the game, and with that, there is room for improving the gameplay. Talking about FIFA 19, we expect the player creator to be excellent in the new game which can mark a great deal of satisfaction in the game. One such being expanding the creation suite to teams, isn’t it?

More Emotion on the Pitch

After a goal, every player shows a particular emotion, otherwise the new entry FIFA 18 run around the pitch emotionless. While this is admittedly a very small detail, we believe that smaller details can create excellent gameplay.

The Final Words

Now is the crucial stage where FIFA 19 is still in the realm of wishful thinking and therefore expecting all possibilities of FIFA 19 wishlists is now, at this point of time, is a difficult task admittedly. But if we look back to the last two installments, FIFA 19 is expected to come with a grand improvement. Until any confirmation, keep the comment section busy (if you have any of your own FIFA 19 wishlist features).

Xbox 2 May Hit The Gaming World By The End Of 2017

Just like technology even the consoles have evolved and have become more high end these days. Gaming fanatics go head over heels whenever Microsoft or Sony roles out some or the other gaming console. And now we just can’t wait to see how amazing the Playstation 5 as well as the Xbox 2 would end up looking. But today we will be certainly discussing about Microsoft’s Xbox 2. There would be quite a lot of changes in the forthcoming console which the people are waiting to get introduced to anxiously. The gaming world will be witnessing a tough and a stiff competition between two of the most awaited consoles which would certainly be the Playstation 5 and the Xbox 2. And we cannot really say which one would fare better in terms of its features.

The features of the both the consoles are definitely going to be something extra ordinary as well as premium. But what can exactly the Xbox 2 turn out to be? The Xbox 2( is said to be much smaller or maybe sleeker than rest of its predecessor and we wonder what exactly the size of it would be. The gaming console by Microsoft would surely be much compact and portable. And it can be easily carried around as per the convenience of the users. They would love to use a gaming console which would be easy to carry around. However, people are actually envisioning several features which would be equipped with Xbox 2 and out of which many might actually turn out to be true. And now comes the release date of the XBox 2 gaming console which has not been spoken about officially but could the Xbox 2 actually get unraveled in late 2017? That certainly may happen as reports have also highlighted and spoken about the same.

XBox 2 release date could be the last month of 2017

And if at all the officials of Microsoft are planning to roll out the next console in the Xbox series in the month of November then the users would actually have to wait for a longer period of time. This news has actually made people quite excited and they would now definitely want to get some more detail about the Xbox 2.

The chipset which the Xbox 2 would be equipped with is expected to be powerful like never before and even the other features of the Xbox 2 are certainly going to be much greater than the predecessors.

Nevertheless, we can surely expect some variants of the Xbox 2 but nothing has been declared by the officials of Microsoft right now. The 4K resolution feature could also get equipped with the next console in the series and this will actually increase the intensity level of the game which would be great and will obviously elevate.

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However, now that there is still time for us to get our hands on the much awaited and anticipated Xbox 2, we can envision some more speculations related to the console to emerge after few days.

The Xbox 2 has probabilities of being the most powerful one in the series which would make people certainly happy.

Experts Have Suggested that FIFA 18 is going to be the Best Among All the Editions

Change is the only constant. And the popular saying finds it perfect implication when it comes to the video games as over the years we have seen a number of new things coming in the number of games that come out on the market from time to time. There are different genres, and the ones which are always on the favorites list of the gamers is definitely the open world games and the sports video games. And the key to success of these games lies in the fact that the developers of the game have managed to stay close to reality as much as possible, thanks to a number of technological developments which have taken place over the years.

Talking about the sports games that come out every year, we have a huge list. Among those, the most popular ones are the FIFA, NBA 2K Series, and the WWE 2K series. Even among these three, it is difficult to choose which is the most popular one, but chances of FIFA holding on to the top spot in the list of best games ever made is the highest. And there is no reason why it will not be able to hold on to that spot in the near future. The developers of the game – Electronic Arts keep on investing new ideas in order to make it very much realistic.

It has been not even a number of days that FIFA 17 came out on the market, and the expectations are already on the rise regarding what FIFA 18 will bring in when the game releases in the latter of the year 2017. The Frostbite engine in the FIFA 17 has been the biggest highlight yet there are a few things that the gamers would love to see changing when FIFA 18 releases. And the first and foremost thing is the graphics of the game. Despite being one of the games which boast of an incredible animation, there are glitches which need to be taken care of, and quite naturally the fans will be eager to see the change coming in when FIFA 18 comes out on the market.

Not just the graphics of the game there are also few things that the fans would love to see getting added to the upcoming edition of the game from Electronic Arts (EA). One of those is definitely the live commentary. There have been occasions when the commentary does not synchronize with the game, which is going on between the players or even in the single-player. This is absolutely frustrating for the gamers for they are always promised of the best quality AI, and it would be really great if these things get avoided with the arrival of the new edition of the game in the FIFA series.

Also, fans would love to see new stadium packs coming in the game FIFA 18. The fans in the stadiums also need to be more realistic that what it is now. Like when Borussia Dortmund is playing a home game, the fans are not properly found to be as what it is in real life. So these are the few things that the fans would love to see coming in the game FIFA 18.

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